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“I have worked with Mr. Molina both as opposing counsel when I was a prosecuting attorney and as a fellow defense attorney. Mr. Molina is aggressive, intelligent, diligent. I highly recommend this attorney.”Jacie Cotterell, Sex crime Attorney

“Mr. Molina is bright, sincere and has a wonderful courtroom presence. He is dedicated to obtaining the best results for his clients. Aside from being an experienced litigator, Mr. Molina has outstanding legal writing and research skills.”Josephine Hallam, Sex crime Attorney

“Ed is an intelligent and aggressive lawyer. He fights hard for his clients and gets results. I fully endorse Mr. Molina.”K. Bryan Goodman, Criminal defense Attorney

“Mr. Molina is a highly competent and aggressive attorney. I have worked in two of the same law offices as Ed. He has extensive experience in felony criminal defense in multiple Arizona counties. He continually trains to sharpen his skills and wins cases that many attorneys consider dead-bang losers. I highly endorse Ed Molina.”Matthew Marner, Domestic violence Attorney

“Edwin shows the utmost care and compassion for his clients. He is at the forefront of Criminal DUI Defense and remains one of the top litigators in his field. I’m very fortunate to know and consider him a colleague and friend.”Patrick McGroder, Personal injury Attorney

“Mr. Molina is a phenomenal attorney who zealously fights for his clients. He has the courtroom skills and legal knowledge needed to get his clients the best result possible!”Daniel Wilson, Criminal defense Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer.”Jason Quackenbush, Family Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer.”Michael Arase, Intellectual property Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. He is a exceptional attorney with great dedication and attention to detail.”Matthew Lara, Juvenile law Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer.”Daniel Thulin, Personal injury Attorney

“I worked in the same office as Mr. Molina and I can attest to his high level of commitment to his clients and his determination to achieve the best possible results on every case. I gladly endorse this attorney.”Paul Sauceda, Criminal defense Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer.”Phillip Daniels, Business Attorney