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Collateral Consequences Of A DUI

  • Published: October 26, 2018
Collateral Consequences Of A DUI

Most people know that being convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) can result in a wide array of legal consequences. Jail time, prison time, probation, license suspension, fines, court costs, and substance abuse classes are just some of the penalties that might be imposed on a defendant after being found guilty of a DUI. However, a DUI conviction can have consequences that extend into every facet of life. It is not often that an individual is convicted of a DUI, serves a sentence, and faces no additional consequences after that. The following are consequences that you might not think could result from a DUI conviction.

Putting Your Employment at Risk

For most individuals, the potential of losing their job or professional license is the greatest threat after a DUI conviction. In the state of Arizona, potential employers will require you to disclose criminal convictions on a job application. This includes a DUI conviction. If you already have a job within a company, you will likely be required to disclose the conviction to human resources. Depending on the position and company, this disclosure could put your employment in jeopardy.Additionally, a DUI conviction can put any professional license that you hold in jeopardy. There is not one rule for professional licensing and DUI convictions. Instead, each agency has its own rules and regulations dealing with the aftermath of a DUI conviction. Common types of professional license holders who can lose their licenses after a DUI conviction include doctors, lawyers, nurses, dentists, truck drivers, and accountants. These positions require you to act with good character and judgment. A DUI conviction can call into question your ability to perform the functions of the job.

Losing Security Clearance

Not only is your professional license at risk after a conviction, but if your position requires any type of security clearance, you risk losing it. Security clearance is usually required for government jobs or any employment dealing with highly classified information. Thorough background checks are required to give an individual security clearance. A DUI conviction can disqualify you from being given security clearance.

Other Collateral Consequences

There are other collateral consequences outside of losing your job or security clearance. For example, after being convicted of a DUI, you could be subject to higher insurance rates. Automobile insurance carriers will not be confident in your ability to be a safe driver if your driving record reflects a DUI conviction.Another consequence is the effect a conviction has on other legal matters you might be going through. If you are going through a divorce and child custody battles, a DUI conviction can affect your custody rights.If you are facing a DUI charge, you need to know all of the consequences that can result. Not only will you have to deal with the sentence that results from a conviction, but the collateral consequences on your everyday life. The best way to avoid these consequences is by hiring a skilled and experienced DUI attorney. The DUI attorneys at Molina Law Group are here to help you avoid harsh consequences. Contact us today to get your defense on the right track.

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