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A Gun Rights Lawyer in Phoenix To Restore Your Civil Liberties

The Second Amendment provides Americans the right to bear arms. If you are convicted of a felony, then this is one of the few events that allows the government to prevent you from carrying a firearm. To maximize your chances of getting your guns back, call our office and we can fight to get your second amendment rights restored.

Common Questions About Gun Rights Restoration in Arizona

Can A Felon Get His Gun Rights Back in Arizona?

Yes, but it is discretionary whether the court grants you these precious rights back or not . The Molina Law Group is intimately familiar with this process and can fight aggressively for you. While there are a few exceptions, in many cases, you may be eligible for a set aside conviction Not sure if you’re eligible? Be sure to contact us for a free consultation.

How Do I Restore My Gun Rights in Arizona?

This requires filing a petition with the court. Your first step is to hire The Molina Law Group, who will then begin the proceedings to restore your gun rights. To get started, contact us by phone or online for a free consultation to discuss your case. We can help you determine if you are eligible for a set aside conviction and explain how the process works.

How Long Does It Take To Get Your Gun Rights Back After A Felony?

If you have been convicted of a felony, you are eligible for gun rights restoration (via the set aside conviction process) after you have served your probation or 2 years after you are released from prison. Not sure if this applies to you? Contact us and we can help.

Can a Felon Go to a Shooting Range in Arizona?

This is generally not considered a good idea until you have a set aside of your felony conviction.

What Felonies Cannot Be Set Aside in Arizona?

According to Arizona Statutes § 13-907, you cannot have your felony set aside if your felony was a dangerous offense, you had to register as a sex offender, certain driving offenses, crimes involving victims under 15 years old, or offenses that were sexually motivated.

In Arizona, Can My Spouse Own A Firearm If I Am A Felon?

If there are guns present in the home and you are a convicted felon without a set aside conviction, you are generally considered being in unlawful possession of a firearm. This is due to the legal concept of “constructive possession,” where one does not physically have control over the weapon but has control or dominion over the weapon still.

The Molina Law Group PLLC

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